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The 2017 hunting season in New Zealand is still in full swing!!!

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New Zealand is a veritable paradise of hunting and wilderness opportunity!!
The 2017 season has been an exceptional one so far with plenty of stags already taken in our free range and managed hunt areas and plenty more booked in!!

The Tahr and Chamois herds are plentiful and we have put many trophies on clients walls this year that will appear in record books!!

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We are excited to have the return of several previous clients and to welcome more into our hunting areas.
Southern Hunting Adventures has grown to 11 guides this season to cater for demand and we will continue to grow with the 2018 season already booking heavily.

Our Tahr, Chamois and Red Stag Combo is still the most popular drawcard amongst our patronage and bow hunters are heavily represented this season.

Keep an eye on our facebook site for our latest pics and adventures!!


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