2018!! We are still hunting!!

2018 has been a monster year for Southern Hunting Adventures!!

Our trophy hunting and mature harvest operation has been supplying world class animals to hunters from all over the world and our meat hunting guides have been filling ice boxes and photo albums with food and memories.

We’ve had father/son, mother daughter, husband/wife, mens groups, womens groups and solo hunters.  The season has had triumphs, disappointments, danger, adrenaline and a whole lot of laughs, smiles and best of all, a lot of new friends!!

New Zealand Elk / Wapiti Hunting
A fine New Zealand Elk taken a local hunter

Our year so far has included monster New Zealand Red Stags, World class Bull Tahr, Dainty Alpine Chamois, Fallow Bucks,  New Zealand Wild Boar taken with dogs and knife, Australian Feral Fox, Australian Wild Boar taken with thermal imaging gear and plenty of small game.  Wallaand Turkey have both been popular this year and

Some clients have been novices and others have been hunters travelling worldwide ticking more boxes on their species list for the trophy room back home.

Snoozing fallow buck
A Fallow Buck caught napping one of our guides.
New Zealand Red Stag
A fine pair of New Zealand Red Stags, one free range and one from managed land.
New Zealand has amazing Merriam Turkey Hunting with no bag limits and OPEN season all year round!!
Free range New Zealand red stag
A fine free range New Zealand Stag























The summer season is shaping up well with heavy bookings across all of our small game and meat hunting as well as summer turkey hunting.

Email us on info@trophyhunting.co.nz for information on dates for the end of 2018 and the start of 2019 seasons.

We look forward to our adventures to come!!